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Get future-ready web application development services to smoothly sail through the competitive online business landscape with minimal effort!

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Interactive Design Service is a professional custom web application development company streamlining B2B and B2c to enter the digital sphere. Our custom web application development team has the right talent, tools, and technologies to deliver a promising return to our customers. Being one of the top-tier web application development company we have delivered all the right solutions in the right place. We help address the complex and dynamic needs of your business by incorporating technological solutions into it. We offer our services based on an accurate portfolio description and mapping your business, conditions, and goals. We do not have a one-size-fits-all strategy. Our marketing experts are flexibly aligned to meet your business preferences only!

Interactive Web Design Solutions in California to Seamlessly Connect with your Customers Creatively.


We excel at solving all your digital problems, meet your business requirement, and deliver added functionality and quality experience to your websites and web apps.


Get affordable e-commerce website design services – add that extra hint of digital flavor to your brand today!

  • Business Website Package

    Original price $2,499.00


    • A website with 15 to 20 pages.
    • Personalized, interactive, dynamic, and high-end design.
    • Custom WordPress (or) PHP Development
    • There is one jQuery Slider Banner.
    • Up to ten custom banner designs are available.
    • ten stock images
    • Revisions are unlimited.
    • Hoover Special Effects
    • System for Content Management (CMS).
    • Integration of Online Appointment/Scheduling/Ordering (Optional).
    • Integration of Online Payments (Optional).
    • Multiple Languages (Optional).
    • Dynamic Custom Forms (Optional).
    • Registration Area (For Newsletters, Offers, etc.).
    • The Search Bar.
    • Integration of Social Networks Live Feeds (Optional).
    • Responsive to mobile devices.
    • 2D Explainer Video in 15 Seconds.
    • Voice-Over and Sound Effects
    • Professional scriptwriting services.
    • Storyboard
    • SEO Meta Tags
    • FREE Domain Name for 5 Years.
    • Sitemap Generator for Google.
    • Submission to Search Engines
    • HTML that is W3C certified.
    • Expert Designers and Developers from the Industry
    • Deployment is complete.
    • Accounts Manager on staff.
    • Complete ownership rights.
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Guaranteed 100 percent satisfaction.

    MORE FEATURES $25 for 24 hours Rush Delivery

  • Automated/Interactive Conferencing Portal Package

    Original price $4,999.99


    • Unlimited Page Website
    • Personalized Content Management System (CMS).
    • Pages and UI Design that is one-of-a-kind.
    • Complete Customization.
    • Tools for Process Automation
    • Integration of a newsfeed.
    • Integration of Social Media Plugins
    • Up to 40 stock pictures
    • 10 Creative Banner Designs
    • Slider Powered by JQuery.
    • Submission to Search Engines
    • Sitemap Generator for Google.
    • Email addresses that are unique.
    • Designs for vast Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
    • HTML that is W3C certified.
    • Deployment Complete
    • Guaranteed 100% satisfaction.
    • Guaranteed one-of-a-kind design.
    • Guaranteed money back.
    • Important characteristics.
    • Automated Course Development.
    • Conferencing through video.
    • Tracking of Skills/Certifications
    • Learning on the go.
    • Asynchronous education.
    • CRM Functions.
    • Gamification.
    • Message Boards for Social Learning
    • Triggers for Motivation
    • Webinars and forums
    • Subscriptions and e-commerce
    • Online course registration.
    • Outstanding reporting.
    • Integration of Invoicing.
    • Financial Interconnections
    • Management of student information.
    • Communications that are automated.
    • System for Managing Learning.
    • Course Scheduling Made Simple.
    • Data Analysis And Reporting
    • Assessment Management with Real-Time Feedback
    • Gradebooks.
    • Rapid User Integration
    • Simple Payment Methods
    • Social Engagement and Online Communities
    • Curation of Resources and Submission of Own Resources

    MORE FEATURES $25 for 24 hours Rush Delivery

  • Automated/Interactive E-Commerce Package

    Original price $7,999.99


    • Unlimited Page Website
    • Personalized Content Management System (CMS).
    • Pages and UI Design that is one-of-a-kind.
    • Complete Customization.
    • Tools for Process Automation
    • Integration of a newsfeed.
    • Integration of Social Media Plugins
    • Up to 40 stock pictures
    • 10 Creative Banner Designs
    • Slider Powered by JQuery.
    • Submission to Search Engines
    • Sitemap Generator for Google.
    • Email addresses that are unique.
    • Designs for vast Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
    • HTML that is W3C certified.
    • Deployment Complete
    • Guaranteed money back.
    • Inventory/Shipping/Supplier Automation Module:
    • Easily manage hundreds to millions of items of inventory and check stock levels in real-time.
    • Receive low inventory alerts and create buy orders to restock your inventory.
    • Integration of Suppliers (API NEEDED).
    • Order administration.
    • Tracking LOT numbers and expiration dates
    • Stock transfer between warehouses (If Warehouse - API NEEDED).
    • The stock should be delivered to a certain warehouse (If Warehouse - API is NEEDED).
    • Orders from a certain warehouse must be filled (If Warehouse - API NEEDED).
    • Stock Control.
    • Insights that are useful.
    • Visibility in real-time.
    • Inventory Possibilities
    • (API Required For Suppliers/Warehouse) Advanced Features
    • Speak with suppliers during insignificant talks.
    • Set and distribute governance and compliance materials actions to vendors. Make a purchase request.
    • Investigate and respond to internal inquiries about procurement features or a supplier/supplier set.
    • Receiving, filing, and documenting invoices, payments, and order requests.
    • Supply Chain Planning Using Machine Learning (ML) (SCP).
    • Warehouse Management Using Machine Learning
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Data Cleaning and Data Strengthening
    • Estimates and invoices are automatically generated.
    • Create gorgeous, professional invoices and estimates in seconds and quickly email them as PDFs to customers or prospects.
    • Automated Split billing.
    • Automated Invoices should be combined.
    • Templates for invoices
    • Scan Barcodes Automatically
    • Scan inventory into orders, create barcodes for documents and scan barcodes to find inventory or papers.
    • Zones and locations
    • Do you have several warehouses, offices, or retail stores? No worries. Organize your inventory into locations and zones to easily track its position. Custom properties such as size, color, and location can be used to organize inventory objects. View the number of items you have globally or at each location.
    • Accounts of Customers
    • Analytics and performance
    • Personalization of Information
    • Process administration.
    • Automation of sales.
    • Collaboration within a team.
    • Automation of marketing.
    • Security.
    • Integrations.
    • Notifications on mobile devices.
    • Reports on sales.
    • Analytics of Trends
    • Forecasting.
    • Territory Control.
    • Account administration.
    • Integration of Events
    • Advanced-Data Protection.
    • Orders for Purchase
    • You can simply replace your inventory levels by purchasing additional stock using integrated purchase orders, and you can even track when those new things arrive.
    • Partial orders are filled.
    • Backordering.
    • Financial statements.
    • Create an incredibly thorough inventory, sales, and service reports. Filter your reports by date range and category to find what generates the most revenue.

    MORE FEATURES $25 for 24 hours Rush Delivery


One-stop solutions to all your digital problems – work with us and get future-ready digital solutions today!


We leverage a set of sophisticated technologies and tools for client-side and server-side web app development. Our goal is to provide the best performance with optimal user experience. Looking for aspiring corporate strategies to align your business vision? With Interactive Design Service, you can proactively create digital solutions that custom-fit your business needs.

Have an inspiration? Let us know – and begin right away!

Interactive Design Service is dedicated to serving its clients with a CAN DO attitude. Count on us when you need help aligning your business goals and strategies digitally!


Our result-oriented website development solutions let you explore your business potential!


Material and Time

Our material and time approach complements the complex needs of small and medium-sized business entities. This approach is well-suited to the complex needs of sketchy project concepts, varying workflow, and high business monitoring needs, yielding profitable returns.


Fixed Price

Our fixed price model is appropriate for start-ups and emerging brands requiring a limited project scope. We estimate the budget and time to deliver a result-oriented digital product satisfying your business needs. Give more value to your customers with interactive design service.


Dedicated Development Team

Our dedicated development team is the best fit for large enterprises seeking to enter the digital realm. Get your custom digital products developed from scratch, keep yourself involved in the entire design process, and satisfy your business needs effectively.


The feedback we get from our customers tells about our cooperation better than we do and makes us move forward.

This company is 10 stars. I will never go anywhere else for my website building needs. Alex and Amy are technological geniuses that have helped and supported me with information that isn’t even relevant to the website they are building for me. That’s the kind of people they are. I was so impressed I decided to work with them on every project as needed and never go back to GoDaddy. Mainly because they are so forthcoming with info. Their goal is to build lasting relationships with clients. This company is the real deal. They are professional kind and willing and ready to work within your budget. They go beyond any company I have worked with on the past no matter what the purpose. Thank you Sam, Amy and Alex for a great experience and a beautiful website.

Myles Matthews: Customer

I had a wonderful experience building a new website from scratch keeping the theme and principles of my old website Sam and Amy were very easy to work with, Patience is the name of the game we added animation which is fantastic made the site liquid which is awesome and kept the color scheme that I’ve had for 20 years I’m one very impressed and happy customer.

Austin Hughes: Customer

Sam and his group of developers are great to work with. They will help with all the questions you have.

Aaron Davis: Customer

Amy and Alex produced a wonderful website for me. They kept asking what I wanted. Well I got what I wanted. It is a website that shows my professionalism and shows great reviews I have received. Thank you Amy and Alex.

Michael Terranova: Customer

I had Interactive Design Service build a band website. The process took time and many reiterations, but they were able to be flexible and come up with great suggestions throughout. Not only did the website get completed as I had envisioned it, but they even provided clear directions on how to edit it later if I need to do so. I recommend them!

Dan Steiny: Customer

I contacted Interactive Design Service to redo my personal branding/ blog website. I initially talked to Alex who put me in contact with Amy who was in charge of my website.
Amy is 100% amazing and answered all my questions and my request no matter the time.
I was very pleased with the outcome of my new website and would definitely work with Amy again anytime. Even better I was in the middle of finals and she was very patient with me.

Kera Hoyte: Customer

Working with Interactive Design Service has been an excellent experience since day one when I started describing in detail what I needed to upgrade my website. They executed all the tasks I asked them to do with in a total professional way. The communication was also on point. A special thanks to Alex. He was outstanding!

Elvis Diaz: Customer

Very impressed with speed at which they took care of our issue. Thank you and we will contract with you again!

Michelle McDade DeLapp: Customer

This agency did my restaurant's website. The website looks great (sleak and professional) as I asked them. It was a pleasure working with Interactive Design Service.

Stevenson Oaks: Customer

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